works in progress

“Whisper Lake” is currently in its nth season of edits

Ten years ago, Avery Easton, took a summer job at the exclusive Montressa Lodge on Whisper Lake in Maine.  Sparks flew when she fell for the resort’s ski boat captain, Ivy League local boy, Miles, who was grieving the loss of his mother. But their love came with a built-in expiration date and at summer’s end, Avery left with a  broken heart, never to hear from him again.

Ten years later, Avery is struggling in life and love. Miles is now semi-famous and known for dating women like water. Avery and Miles return to the lake to help an old friend, forcing them to decide if their love has been lost forever or is meant be found again. 

“Skipping a Beat” is a finished first draft, currently being edited

Nick is an anesthesiologist who can’t sleep
Mirren is an architect with a semi-famous ex
He’s a gardener who loves the meaning of flowers
She a Swiftie who loves crossword puzzles
A weekend getaway
Only 1 bed
A reality show
A little fake dating never caused any issues for anyone ever, right?